Tuesday, 2 May 2006

A Quiet Glue

Friday night’s You Owe Me Glue was probably the lowest attended yet. I think we had 15 folk through the door. Some left at half time, some wandered in then for nothing.

So a pishy attendance that we can put down to who knows what, bank holiday, apathy, poor promotion, competing shows?

As for the show itself it went quite well. I was disappointed in my own performance, but as we all know I am something of a perfectionist. Seriously though the performances were all good and the folk there seemed to enjoy it.

Sara did a good job coming in so late and Alison and Moira found themselves with more to do than they’ve ever had before, but rose to it well.

Hard to say what stuff went down the best with such a small crowd, but there were only a couple of the new sketches I’d rest for next time.

And next time is of course in Blackfriars on Friday 26th May @ 8pm.

There are some photographs below. The first one is of what we almost used as our curtain. We did however get a proper black sheet up.

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