Saturday, 20 May 2006

The Russian War

This is a short clip from Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, a comedy discussion programme. Denis Leary gets taken apart by comic Greg Giraldo. The look on Leary's face after he gets shot down is priceless. He completely fails to offer any kind of comeback and Quinn has to step in to spare his blushes. It's pretty funny.

Personally I quite like Denis Leary but he's not nearly as relevant a comedian as he thinks he is. I prefer him more as an actor. Though as an actor he's pretty one note.

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yvonmul said...

Leary often plays hard-living, "blue collar" guys, such as in his latest venture, "Rescue Me." Within this complex role, however, he alternates effortlessly between drama and dark comedy, finding more pathos in an unsympathetic character than could ever be imagined.