Monday, 15 May 2006

New Hoose

A good few months of upheaval came to a (sort of) end for me on Friday when I moved into my plush new Falkirk gaff.

It’s taking a bit of getting used to.

We haven’t really had an upstairs before, so every time my wife gets up for the loo, I totally shite myself before remembering where I am and that, no, someone is not trying to break in via the loft.

Also, we now have a front and back door, which is freaking me out a bit as well, for no good reason.

We’ll all get used to it, as it’s a great place in what seems like a nice bit of the town. That’s the other really freaky bit about the place. You wake up in the morning to hear birds singing and FUCK ALL else.

Getting up and going to work this morning reminded me of the start of “28 Days Later”. I never saw another soul until I was down at the main road.

Will the family and I enjoy suburban bliss or have I moved to the Stepford Estate, where your neighbours tut if you don’t show up at the neighbourhood watch meetings?

I’ll keep you posted, if and when I can be arsed.


Chris said...

At last... you've moved in!! Falkirk isn't too bad! I've friends that stay up there - in Polmont and it seems nice enough.

Anonymous said...

hey you scored a nice place Fraser!

Ben L.

Fraser said...

Hiya Ben! Nice to hear from you mate. Hope you are well.