Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Gotcha Graudian

While reading an article in the Guardians laughably monikered “Knowledge” football “facts” section, I was moved to email them on the several factual inaccuracies contained therein regarding my club, Rangers.

Here’s what I wrote:

“Not for the first time, some factual inaccuracies have cropped up on your football site, as they often do in regard to Scottish football.

From The Knowledge, 24th May:

“…but to beat that we need to find an uncompetitive league, dominated by a single club for the best part of a decade, where loyalty is an important quality. That'll be Scotland then, where Andy Goram should come close to the top of the pile with nine in a row between 1989 and 1997." Close, Steve, but no cigar. Allen Elvin adds Richard Gough to that Glasgow-based list, while also pointing out that Ally McCoist bagged a winners' medal in 1987, giving him a grand total of 10.”

Andy Goram joined Rangers in 1991, winning 5 titles with the club.

Richard Gough won a total of 10 league medals, 9 with Rangers and 1 with Dundee Utd.

Ally McCoist won a total of 8 championship medals with Rangers, not 10 due to injury and non-selection.

The man you are looking for is of course Ian Ferguson, who won 10 championships with Rangers between 1988 and 2000.

Now I know you are getting much of this info from the general public but these facts are easily checkable on the clubs official website. The Knowledge? Really?


Fraser Campbell”

The Guardian have a sickening habit of getting simply checked facts wrong, especially when their sports coverage ventures north of the border.

They did amend the piece to include the info I’d given them (click the picture), but, true to form, the website that once described Finnish International Jonatan Johannson as “Swedish”, manage to keep in a mistake about Ally’s McCoist’s medal tally further down the page.

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