Monday, 22 May 2006

The Curse of Glue

The Glue rollercoaster ride continues. It now looks like Friday’s show is in doubt. Blackfriars are once again undergoing renovation work. This time it’s the street level toilets that are being renovated. While this goes on their patrons will have to use the facilities downstairs. This would then mean that we’d have the whole pub, at various times, walk through our show.

So the alternatives are…um….

The show may get moved to Bluu, just down the street. Or it may be cancelled. We should know for sure later today.


John Kennedy said...

Whats happpening with the show Tom? I was going to come up on Friday.

Tom said...

Hi John.

At the moment we're looking for another venue, but of course we're running out of time.

I'll post here as soon as I know what's happening. Should know today, but of course I said that yesterday. ;o)