Sunday, 21 May 2006

The Wrong Guy

Last night I watched the film The Wrong Guy. Made in 1997 it stars Dave Foley as a man who wrongly believes he's wanted for the murder of his boss. Directed by David Steinberg, the film was written by Kid in the Hall Foley, David Higgins of Ellen & Malcolm in the Middle, and Simpsons writer Jay Kogen.

It shows a lot of Simpsons style touches as well as some moments reminiscent of Airplane.

Higgins plays a detective reluctantly on Foley's trail. The only time he gets interested in the case is when he discovers the FBI will offer him unlimited resources.

A spoof on a Hitchcock thriller, the opening titles are very impressive and reminscent of Hitchock's frequent collaborator Saul Bass. There used to be an excellent Bass site, but the domain for it has expired.

If you can find The Wrong Guy on DVD it's well worth seeing. There are plenty of laughs throughout, the script is really strong and Foley is an excellent comedic actor.

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R said...

I remember blogging about this a while back. It was on BBC2 one night and I just happened to tune in, not knowing anything about it.

It's a superb film. Really, really funny.