Wednesday, 10 May 2006

One Title Lost, But Glory Still Beckons…

Boo hoo. For the first time in my 3 season long fantasy football league career, I’ve lost a league title.

I came 3rd in the work Herald league.

My ovine-bothering Northern colleague Innes came 2nd and some guy who’s a mate of a sacked employee and doesn’t even work here came first.

There was talk that the winner would get FA Cup final tickets but of course, that’s hasn’t been mentioned for months, since the two highest placed staff members are mere plebs and not management top brass.

I’m actually quite chuffed with my “UEFA Cup place” finish as I was 15th at Xmas and looking dead and buried.

However, true to form, I am on the verge of winning both The Cheerybananship and The YOMG European title, which will take my tally to 5 league title wins out of 6 entered.

Only a miracle in the European Cup Final and the last round of German, Italian and Spanish fixtures can help my rivals prevent a creditable Domestic and European Double for the Fizzmeister.

Of course, the impact of these facts on my soul destroying desk jockey job are minimal, but when do I ever let real life get in the way of crowing about how brilliant I am like some sort of big man?

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