Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Life Is For Suing, Apparently

Rather pathetically, Livingston have started whining about getting relegated before it’s even happened.

Having put together one of the worst quality sides in SPL history, Livi Chairman Pearse Flynn is now moaning that St Mirren, runaway leaders of Division One, shouldn’t be allowed promotion because they don’t have the requisite under-soil heating SPL rules state you must have to enter.

I’d have some sympathy for Livingston had they not themselves escaped relegation last year by making highly questionable “consultancy” and “expenses” payments to Moroccan international Hassan Kachloul, who they had supposedly signed as an amateur.

Dundee, who eventually did go down after a Kachloul inspired Livi rallied, failed in their bid to have this bit or rule-bending taken into account.

It’s a bit rich to start moaning about other teams not quite following the rules in this light then, especially when you are talking about a team who have amassed 12 measly points all season.

In football terms, I can’t recall a team more deserving of the drop in all my days of watching the game.

And, it should be about the football really, shouldn’t it?

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