Tuesday, 28 March 2006

When The World Says Talk To The Hand...

Even though I’m trying (and currently failing) to quit smoking, I now can’t have a fag most places even if I wanted one. Fine, that’s ok.

Then we find out that because of industrial action, we can’t use the rehearsal facility we booked for the show tonight.

Tom phoned community letting who arrange booking of the rooms and they can’t tell us whether or not the place will be open tonight.

Tom phones but can’t get through.

So to cheer myself up, I go to get a packet of crisps out of the machine. I can’t; its exact change only.

I return to my desk, but can’t be bothered doing any work.

We’re turning into a real can’t do society

Tom has now been in touch with Langside Hall. The Jannie there can't tell him if he's on strike or not. We're to call back after 4. I wonder what they'll tell us then eh?


Anonymous said...

Hello 'pish, my comment is not really about your blog, I'm afraid. I am wondering if that is a boy or a girl in that photograph? And if it's a boy, why the creepy long fingernail?

Fraser said...

No idea. I got it off google. So the mystery remains eh?

Anonymous said...

They're all a bunch of cants.