Saturday, 15 July 2006

Farewell to Landry

Our work colleague Landry left on Friday in order to become a full-time student. We wish him well. The workplace won't be the same without his special brand of debate and his unusal way of looking at the world. Graeme will have to find someone else to spar with too.

Below is a selection of photographs from his night out. Landry has put a few on his Flickr site too. Out of all the pics taken last night this utterly insane one is my favourite.


landrik said...

Sure, i'll miss u all!...hoho i love those BIG GLASSES...

PS: thanx for the card and everything!

Tom said...

Big glasses that Shelagh found in the toilet and then promptly lost.

Hope you enjoy the whisky, the Nina Simone and the coffee in your new coffee maker.

Stay in touch.