Thursday, 13 July 2006

Movie Buddies

Here’s a little bit more from Bruce Mcullouch. This is his script for a sketch Kids in the Hall performed in Los Angeles in February. It centres around two couples having just watched Brokeback Mountain.

“Like if one fella isn’t so sure if it’s morning-wood, or if it’s really the sound of the other fella’s heart singing his song?”


Anonymous said...

This is a good link and I read the Brokeback Mountain sketch but I pretty much thought that sketch was rubbish. I don't know if any of KITH are gay but I presume they're not. I'll be surprised if they are. I think there is humour to be had in almost every situation but come on, let's put some effort into it. To stereotype gay couples into male and female roles is just plain boring. I MUCH preferred the Spigot sketch. Read that one. Or, I should say, encourage your other reader to read that one instead.

Your biggest fan (except for that guy who has seen you 4 times)

Tom said...

Hello Biggest Fan,

I know you believe yourself to be at one with the gay community, but sorry to burst your bubble, one of Kids in the Hall is indeed gay. As such many of their sketches through the years were gay themed.

The others actually made for funnier gay characters while Scott Thompson was always very amusing playing the 'jock' guys.

I would presume however that Bruce McCullouch did the majority of the writing on that one.

I'll try to find another one of their gay themed sketches and stick that on as yet another video link.

Glad you found something you liked on the link though.

Thanks again for reading.