Monday, 10 July 2006

It’s Incredible! It’s Tommy!

Congratulations to Tommy on winning the World Cup Fantasy League pipping Ronnie by an agonising 2 points to claim gold.

A great achievement for a man more interested in poker and the back catalogue of Save Ferris than he is in the beautiful game.

As for the final itself, what drama at the beginning and end. Pretty turgid porridge in between but of course the game will be remembered for the sending off of France legend Zidane. A remarkable way to end a glittering career and a shame not because it sullies the mans legacy as predictable number of media acolytes are suggesting, but because France were on top, and should really have won the game.

Still, you can’t argue with a side who conceded 2 goals all tournament and none from open play. Italy now stand clear as the most successful European footballing nation.

For a great number of these Italian players (and many of the French) glory could become tinged with disaster today as the Italian Sports Tribunal deliver a verdict in the match tampering scandal that has engulfed Serie A. Juventus at the very least are bound to be relegated at least one division, meaning Italian Captain Cannavaro and many of his cohorts will be pondering their futures.

Of course the Juve players in the Azzuri side will want to dedicate their success to Gianluca Pessoto, the former Juve stalwart who attempted suicide towards the middle of the tournament.

The result of course makes Del Piero, a great hero of mine, a world champion at last; an international accolade to go with his club success. And of course, there is Rino Gattuso – a man who cut his footballing teeth in the royal blue of Rangers who appears to be many observers player of the tournament. He’ll be welcomed back with opens arms I’m sure if, as he’s stated in the past, he gets his wish to end his glittering career back at Ibrox.

All in all though, it’s been a disappointing tournament. Poor officiating, dirty play and a lack of desire to play attacking football has characterised a tournament with no outstanding team. Italy were worthy winners but really could have been any one of 5 or 6 sides who were much of a muchness.

Still, a poor World Cup is better than no World Cup at all, and has given us all plenty to talk about over the last month or so.

Here’s my team of the Tournament.

Buffon (Italy)

Degan (Switzerland) Cannavaro (Italy) Marquez (Mexico) Lahm (Germany)

Zidane (France) Gattuso (Italy) Maniche (Portugal) Maxi Rodriguez (Argentina)

Klose (Germany) Fernando Torres (Spain)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words. I should get on the phone and book the open top bus right away...


Fraser said...

Aye, it's only once you win a fantasy league that you realise how truly meaningless it is.

"Horray!!!I've won!!! My life's gonne change forev....oh hang on, naw it isnae..."

Well done though mate. It was a tight tussle all the way.

R said...

Cannae really disagree with your team of the tourney too mcuh but I will say that the two Italian fullbacks - Grosso especially - deserve all the credit they receive. Two of the best in the business.

After his extra time goal against Germany and the euphoric celebration that followed, Fabio Grosso now joins a select group of favourite players of mine.

Fraser said...

Aye Grosso was great, I just enjoyed lahms performances a wee bit more. Zambrotta is also class, but I thought Degan was a good player in a decent Swiss side who deserved some credit.

Plus, it would have been too easy just to make the team Italy with a couple of other guys. Cannavaro was so head and shoulders above everyone else as a defender, he had to go in as the best Italian.

I would imagine Grosso will make a big move from Palermo after the dust settles on their win and the match fixing thing is all over.

R said...

Aye, for your team of the tournament you could've had an Italian 1 - 8. Probably give Camoranesi, Toni and Totti a miss right enough...