Monday, 10 July 2006

The Glasgow Show

On Saturday morning I went along to The Glasgow Show in Glasgow Green. Basically a fair with a range of stalls and events, from quite exciting stuff to right lame things.

Among the more interesting things that I saw in the hour or so that I spent there was Terry Grant a stunt driver, who did a lot of spinning around, climbing out the car and precision driving. There was also the Rockin’ Horse Equestrian Stunt Team and a giant robot who took the pish out of people in the crowd.

Some of the lamer stalls reminded me of similar events in The Simpsons. The attraction where a man washed a bull, while a running commentary was provided was one of those.

"Ooh, and here, out of the mists of history, the legendary Esquilax, the horse with the head of a rabbit, and the body of a rabbit. Oh, look! It's galloping away!"
- Chief Clancy Wiggum, in episode 2F15 "Lisa's Wedding"

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